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buying timber in Melbourne is a lot simpler than you may think. With numerous timber merchants, DIY shops and mini-merchants available, the options are just but overwhelming. But competition is really high between the sellers and dealers. What this implies to you as a buyer is that you might be a victim of circumstances, getting deals that are never deals after all and getting duped with discounts just to be ripped off your hard earned money. So what is the best way of going about purchase of timber in Melbourne that really works? Many people will ask.

Do an extensive research prior to purchase of timber from any dealer or merchant

You are in no hurry to make timber purchases without looking across the market for the best offers available and finding the right advice and information about the various timber types you can choose from. Since dealers are in the rush to make quick money, they will definitely give you information that is advantageous to them in one way or another. For instance they will advise you to buy a specific type of timber claiming to be of better quality just to realize they are doing this because the type had stalled in their yards for long and they wanted to get rid of it.

Analyze and confirm the discounts beforehand

Many timber buyers usually rush to buy timber from dealers whose online ads are all over the internet. What many don’t know is that these ads are just but meant to grab their attention to making enquiries and orders. Some of the buyers have been heard lamenting that they got shortchanged in a deal they thought was smart for them. Always call various dealers, ask them about their discounts for you to be sure before giving out your money.

Ask about the after sales services

This is a crucial point to consider when it comes to purchase of timber from any dealer. While some dealers tend to sale their products at discounted prices, you will eventually realize that they are expensive when deliverer and installation are factored in. for a better deal, you need a dealer that will offer the products and the after sales services all at the cheapest price. Some people get dealers who offer amazing discounts but don’t offer delivery and the distance to the site eventually makes transportation cost go high.

Do not buy timber over the phone

This is one thing that should go direct to your NEVER DO list when it comes to purchase of timber. Having different types and qualities of timber, you need to see with your own eyes the sample piece that you exactly want before making the purchase. Samples provided online do not exactly portray the real texture and quality of timber hence the need to physically avail yourself at the timber yards to ascertain the quality of timber you are about to buy.

Timber has become a crucial commodity in Melbourne and the entire world at large. It is only on careful and keen selection that will guarantee better quality at lower prices. Always get the best deal you can and you will never regret the choice you make as regards to timber.


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