Australia Gambling Services

If You Have To Lie We Have To Talk. Mission Australia Gambling Services Give You The Chance To Discuss Your Problem And Find A Solution.

Mission Australia has been providing community support services for over 150 years.

Through our years of experience we understand that life can take some unexpected twists and turns that place people in situations they may have never imagined.

The ACT Gambling Support Service is a not-for-profit service, funded by the ACT Gambling and
Racing Commission.

We offer:

  • Free face-to-face and telephone counselling for people who are experiencing problems with gambling and the associated financial difficulties
  • Free counselling for anyone impacted by someone else’s gambling behaviour
  • Support groups for individuals with problem gambling behaviour and also for family/friends
  • We also provide information, resource referrals, prevention and education programs and community talks.

Our counselling service provides free and non-judgemental support to people who are experiencing problems with gambling and the associated financial difficulties.

To Make Your Safe Business Choices

Don’t Gamble With Your Business – How To Make Safe Business Choices

Whether you are about to start a business, or you have already started a business, the most important thing is to play safe. Of course, taking risk is an important part of the system but that also in a safer way. There have been many such business houses that have flourished for a few years and then have suddenly failed due to wrong decisions that they have taken on the go.

Here are some of the most important ways how you can make safer choices for your business.

Always Follow Your Instincts

There are many people who will take it as nonsense and will claim this to be very impractical. For those, has this never happened that you were not feeling good about doing something, and when you did it, it turned out to be really bad? Some day or the other, it happens with everyone. It does not have anything to do with spirituality; rather it is the sixth sense or the hidden knowledge that pokes you to get such instincts. Whenever you are about to take a risk, follow your instincts and find out solutions in advance.


Back Up Is Important

Being confident is superb, but getting over confident will always bring you down to the soil. Whenever you are starting something new or taking up something new, always think about the negative aspect also. Think for a backup in case your plan does not work out successfully. Many people are there who spend their whole amount on business thinking just about the fact that they can make money out of it. You are starting a business that always does not mean that you will have a guaranteed success. It is thus important to have a backup about how to support your business when it falls apart.

Analyze, Take Advice, And Decide

Do not make this mistake of analyzing things and taking decisions alone. It may happen that you are thinking about one particular prospect, while something important is getting skipped out of your mind. So, it is important to talk about it with some of the trusted and knowledgeable people around you. At the end of the day, sit patiently and analyze what all those people have advised you. Think about all the situations and then come up to a firm decision.

Always Have A Look On The Operations

There are many business owners who must have started a business for profit but are not aware of a number of things. It is important for such people to keep on absorbing knowledge about each and everything going on in the operations. If you do not know what is the business all about, obviously, you will be not able to make others understand, and this can lead to a lot of trouble. Do what you know or learn about it properly before starting it.

The risk is always involved in any business venture. This does not mean that you should start a business. The only thing is to choose the business option properly to avoid loss of wealth and reputation.